Does humanizing the future of accounting peak your interest?

Join us at Noa, a young dynamic company equipped with the newest technologies, and a mission to help businesses take ownership of their finances.

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Noa has all the qualities of a fresh start-up.

Noa, like her gender-neutral first name, is of her time and offers innovative ideas. Our team is more in demand than ever and wishes to extend its services to a larger clientele. To continue to promote our company, we are looking for resourceful people to offer a customer experience that matches the services offered by Noa.

The youngest of Demers Beaulne

Demers Beaulne has expanded its customer solutions by the addition of Noa to its organization. Noa is the intelligent accounting partner that rises to the next level thanks to a bright team proficient in advanced technologies. Who is Demers Beaulne you ask?
17 spoken languages within our team.
Noa is the perfect opportunity for taking on new challenges.

8 geek jokes per day.
0 suit-and-tie days.

Noa offers plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Being inspired every day
Semaines de 4 jours, payés 5
(6 mois par année)
Having your ski pass paid for
Meet some extraordinary people
Working remotely
Have an impact on the companies around you
Commuting to work using public transportation
Improving your Spanish

We are looking for a bright person to offer a customer experience at the height of the services offered by Noa.

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